Free Unlimited Call Using Magic Jack

Magic Jack, Free Call to Philippines

Magic Jack for Free Call

Although I wasn’t able to gather full details about Magic Jack and how to use it to make free call to the Philippines, I’d like to tip out OFWs as well as those with families abroad that you can actually use the Magic Jack and a computer to make free unlimited call.

Not sure though of the coverage the it had or as to what countries it would be effective to use the small computer gadget. Nevertheless, all I know for sure is that it works in the Philippines and my very own cousin uses it to make a free call to United States.

How To Use Magic Jack

The principle of operation is literally easy. You’ll first have to install the software as soon as the computer detects your Magic Jack which is by the way a USB compatible plug-in gadget. After installing the software, you’ll have to wait for a few minutes to completely use it by dialing using a mobile phone.

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